Manchester 17 MCC Enduro dates 2020

In the light of all the doom and gloom amid the Covid 19 outbreak we have some great news and hopefully something that we can all look forward to for when the world gets back to normal!

We now have the dates for the awesome Brinks Enduro (provisional) and for another “Rookie” Enduro (confirmed) at the fantastic tong hall venue.
We are hoping that these events are far enough into the future where we can hopefully ensure that they will go ahead as planned, obviously we will be monitoring the global and local situation with Corona virus and we will make any difficult decisions as the situation changes or as the time approaches for these events to happen.

We wish and hope that every one connected with the Manchester 17mcc club stays safe and healthy in these unprecedented times and I must admit that at this very difficult time where everything has been cancelled or put on hold that I am already really looking forward to these events going ahead.

If there is anyone connected to the club who is struggling in any way over the coming weeks then please get in touch with us and we will endeavour to help in any way we can, the club really is run by the members for the benefit of the members and we will be pleased to help or support where we can, contact details are available on the club website.

Manchester 17 MCC Enduro dates 2020

Rookie Enduro and practice at Tong Hall Sunday 21st June 2020

Brinks Enduro at Disley on Sunday 9th August 2020

We are also looking into another “Rookie” Enduro on the north wales English border TBA