Entry list for the Rookie Enduro at tong Sunday 23rd June, click on the read more below for the list.

Manchester 17 mcc look forward to welcoming you to this event, due to the low entry there will be plenty of track to hone your skills on and plenty of experienced riders to give you some help in the afternoon practice session if you require it, if you wish for some riding tips please let us know at signing on and we can set up a coaching session. 

Entries are still available via the hotline number and we will take day entries on Sunday, please ensure you bring your ACU license if you have only paid £35, if you do not have it you will be charged £15 for a day license.

  • Ensure you have a ACU sticker on your helmet, we can not let you ride if this sticker is not on your helmet.
  • Ensure you have your race numbers to 3 sides of your bike, we will be checking numbers as part of scrutineering and you will not be allowed onto the start line without clear numbers on your bike, numbers and backgrounds will be available to purchase at signing on.
Class Number Name
sportsman 72 Callum Mcleod
sportsman 4 Sam Boswell
sportsman 5 Tom Hayden
over 40,s 25 Neil Roberts
over 40,s 26 Neil Lees
over 40,s 27 Danny Mutch
over 40,s 28 Paul Howarth
over 40,s 29 John Cooper 
over 40,s 30 Craig Botfield
Over 50's 50 Phil Mcquade
Over 50's 51 Chris Nutter
Over 50's 52 Ian Baddeley
Novice 537 William Davenport
Novice 70 Kevin Texeira
Novice 71 Frank Ward
Novice 73 Mark Robinson
Novice 74 Terrance Booth
Novice 75 Steve Land
Novice 76 Simon Nutter
Novice 77 Peter Marsland
Novice 78 Kevin Robinson
Novice 79 Kyle Murray
Novice 80 Alan Peace
Novice 81 Ben Cooper
Novice 82 Joe Webster
Novice 83 Pete Nevile
Novice 84 Damien Roberts
Novice 85 Phil Bennett
Novice 86 Adam Frost
Novice 87 Mike Brown
Novice 88 Shay Morrison
Novice 89 Frazer Kay
Novice 90 Daniel Helliwell
Novice 91 Jerry Woodall
Novice 92 Sean Healy
Novice 93 Kieron Croker
Novice 94 Sam Hayden
Novice 95 Cambel Kennedy
Novice 96 Ashley Brown