Misty, cool and wet was the sight that greeted me as I opened the curtains early on Sunday morning.



But then it is November. What was I expecting?

The Ceri is a Forest event a short drive from Newtown run by MWTRA. It's been going for years and used to be an Enduro. Despite letting plenty of people know it was on only me and Cookie made it down. Clashing with the Super Enduro at Liverpool arena robbed it of some competitors, well.. a lot of competitors. It was a very small field lined up ready for the off at twelve O'clock.

The morning event had been Quads and the PM one was all the  normal solo classes.

We arrived and were surprised how close we were able to park to the signing on and pit area. It really was quiet, just 44 entrants plus a few day entries. Vic Madeley was clearly a little disappointed at the poor turnout but the event had broken even so you just deal with it.

We'd arrived quite early and had plenty of time to relax after parking the bikes up at the start area. Everyone seemed pretty relaxed and the weather had lifted a bit so things were looking good for the race.

The course itself was fast, boy was it fast! Clearly, an event run at this time of year has to be set out with the possibility of really bad weather on the day. The course consisted of forest roads linked together by short runs downhill on tracks through the trees and long whoopy uphills on hard packed tracks and some flat access tracks.

Now I can't be critical as it was a good length loop and as I said before, had been set out with inclement weather in-mind. But with nothing technical or tight all the tracks could be ridden at a fair pace. Some of them almost flat out, and that's not something I enjoy. The expert winner was ballistic, and most of the top guys in each class were really flying. My personal opinion is that it was a bit too fast, but I still enjoyed it, even though my arms were ready for falling off by the end.

It's a shame more club members didn't come down, well, more people in general as it was a good event. Cookie loved it and was putting in some good lap times. A fuelling issue spoilt his day a little but he finished after cadging some extra fuel in the pits. I had a good ride, didn't fall once and my lap times were very consistent with about 40 seconds covering all my laps. I was never in with a shout of the silverware though as the top four vets were motoring.

The timing was done by Cambrian Timing and results go online during the race on a dedicated webpage. The end of race rider profile graphs are really good too.

Winter is always a tricky time to go riding but the weather was kind to us. Winter racing isn't for everyone but this event delivered and was well worth the drive. Hopefully we'll drop lucky with the weather next time too and get a few more lads out from the club.