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Greenhall Farm Rookie Enduro

Final Instructions

1st August 2021


The postcode for this event is SY22 5LG, look out for orange arrows posted on the B4393 just prior to the junction with the junction of the A490.

Access to the paddock is available from the A490 but requires difficult manoeuvring to get into the parking field.

Brinks Enduro 2021

Manchester 17 Mcc are very pleased to confirm that the Brinks Enduro will take place on Sunday 29th August 2021.

We are also very excited to announce that this year we will be moving the event to a Enduro sprint format, riders will set off individually heading out on a long section of the open moorland course until arriving at the sprint course, the sprint section will be clearly marked out over several miles of some of the more technical areas of the land, there will be no long straights and plenty of corners to contend with to really test the riders ability, if conditions allow we may even use the mega jump for the experts to play on. Professional transponder timing will be provided and the sprints will be timed to 100th second and the lowest cumulative time will be the winner of the event.

The format will be very relaxed as riders will take on a predetermined amount of laps and sprint sessions depending on the class entered with experts possibly finishing on back to back tests, plenty of time will be given to get around the open moorland course so riders can relax to ensure they arrive fresh and ready to take on their competition around the sprint course.

More details will given out and we are hoping to open the entry very soon.

Rob Mcleod

Enduro Secretary


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