Brinks 2023 Final instructions

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Brinks Enduro 2023

Final Instructions

Venue is Brink farm, Disley, Cheshire, access to the paddock is @ SK12 2AW, Mudhurst lane, directly opposite the High Peak School (previously the Moorside hotel) @ SK12 2AP.

N.B the B5470 road between Kettleshulme and Higher lane is closed there will be no access to higher lane from Whaley bridge, please approach Mudhurst Lane from either Disley or from Higher Lane off the B5470 from Macclesfield Rainow or Pott Shrigley.

Please close all gates when entering or leaving the venue, please park where directed and do not obstruct any road or taped off area as these are required for emergency vehicles.

Camping is available on Saturday but please note the road to the paddock is uneven and extreme care needs to be taken, the club will not accept any liability for damage to any vehicle.

The paddock is on a hill top and it can be extremely windy so please ensure that awnings and tents are securely fixed and weighted down.

Brink farm is a working sheep and cattle farm, Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

Marshalls Meeting

There will be a Marshalls meeting at signing on at 09:15 hrs, if you intend to marshal you must get signed on as a Marshall at the signing on area and attend this safety briefing, we expect all Marshalls to help bring the course in after the event.

Club officials wear Orange high viz vest and marshals are to wear Yellow high viz vest, all to be worn at all times.

Signing on and transponders

Riders must sign at event control on as soon as possible, you will be given a wristband with your riding number on and a punch card , you must be wearing the wristband to pass through scrutineering and into the holding/Start area.

Once you have signed on, then go and collect your transponder, a £20 cash deposit needs to be given upon collection of the transponder, the £20 will be returned when the transponder has been returned when you have finished the event, in the event of a lost or non returned transponder the full cost of the transponder will need to be paid.

N.B a new transponder system will be in place where remote transponder stations will be placed around the course, the transponder station will be marked with 2 posts with orange arrows to form a gate, with blue tape in place, you must pass through the gate at walking pace for the transponder to be registered and passage record

Punch cards/Lap marking

You will be given a punch card and zip tie, this must be placed securely onto your handle bars, the punch card will be punched or marked at the end of the special test and will signify that you have completed one full lap, ride slowly and ENSURE YOU COME TO A FULL STOP TO ALLOW THE CARD TO BE MARKED, this is for your benefit so you know how many laps you have completed, check this punch card if you are unsure of how many laps you have completed at any time.

A marshal at the end of the special test will stop you and mark the punch card, they may also advise when you have completed the required number of laps and to finish the event.

Please ensure you slow down and stop for this marshall to mark your card

A notices will be displayed showing the number of laps to complete per class at the end of the special test. We may reduce the amount of lap during the events if due to poor weather we need to shorten the length of the event, results will be adjusted accordingly.

There may be outlying checks on the course, riders must stop at the check to allow event officials to clip your punch card, Marshalls may also stop you on the outlying course and also clip the punch card to show you have fully completed the course.


You must be wearing the wristband given at signing on to pass through scrutineering, the number on the wristband must be the same as that displayed on the bike.

Please take your helmet which must be showing a valid ACU gold helmet sticker, this is a mandatory requirement and you will not be allowed to take part in this event without an approved helmet being worn.

Your bike will be checked for basic safety only, this includes that both the brakes work, that there is no play in the wheel and steering bearings, that the exhaust is in good condition, control levels are not broken and footrests fold and return. 

There will be no noise testing at this event, but please be warned that excessively noisy bikes will be removed from the event.

A bike may fail scrutineering for any major defect or safety concern and entry into the event denied.

Event start and duration

At 10:00 hrs. Riders must have their bikes in the service area and have parked their bikes where indicated.

10:15 hrs. pre event briefing

10:30 hrs. all riders will start from the paddock waiting area, all riders will set off every 5 seconds and pass through the special test from the starting area for an untimed sighting lap, please ride steadily to learn the track ready for your 1st timed run when you next enter the test at the end of lap one.

You will exit the test section and enter the pits/fueling area this is the start of the full lap

N.B All riders first pass of the special test will be untimed and not included for the purpose of timing.

Please enter the correct channel leading into the test start for your group, faster level riders have priority entering the test start as they have more laps to complete.

There will be no time limit on completing the amounts of full laps, we are planning the event to take approximately 2.5-4 hours to complete, the course gates after the pits will be closed at 3pm to prevent any further riders entering the course.

Footpath crossings

There will be 2 footpath crossing points, these will be extremely well marked, please cross at walking pace only, stop for any pedestrians and let them pass 1st.

The course

The course will compromise of 1 lap comprising of two sections, a outlying course of 7-10 miles and a special test section of 6-12 minutes, the lap end is at the finish of the special test.

The special test is where riders will be timed to 100th second and cumulative times will determine a winner.

The service area will be close to the paddock and it will be classed as the start and end of the lap, the service area will be marked out with blue tape.

N.B any blue tape area is walking pace only and the rules of the service area will be strictly enforced, no children, animals or spectators are allowed in the pits

Outlying ”Liaison”  course

The lap will start from the service “Pits” area and run to the start of the special test, it will be over open moorland marked by orange arrows or white tape tied on a post, riders are to follow the general direction of the course markers, where two posts or orange arrows are used to form a gate, then the rider must pass in between the “Gate”. Failure to do this will result in exclusion from the event. Riders should not be any further than 12 feet away from any course marker or risk hitting stones or other unidentified hazards.

There may be fully taped areas to form a defined course, riders must keep between the two tapes.

Orange crossed arrows indicate a danger to a rider or dangerous obstacle, slow right down to ensure you can see what the obstacle is.

There will be some technical sections of which will mainly be moorland bog, steep inclines or descent and off camber areas, a rider may choose A easier line through or around the technical section as long as they follow the “general direction” of the course, if you stray too far from a course marker you may be deemed to have cut the course and may be excluded from the event, you must pass between two orange arrows that form any gate.

There will be no time limit to complete the event, you will have plenty of time to complete all your laps over this section of course, there will be no need to travel at speed on the outlying course, so please ride carefully and save your energy for the special test.

Holding and rest area

There will be a holding and rest area prior to the special test start which will be marked with blue tape, please use this area to rest prior to the test.

Do not in any circumstance divert out of this area into the main service/pits work area, you may pass by foot only to any other area once your bike is parked in the holding area (at your own risk), do not park your motorcycle near any gate or emergency access.

Special test

The special test will be around 7-10 minutes in length for expert riders, the test start and finish will be located very closely together.

Timing will be by transponder worn on the wrist, a £20 cash refundable deposit is needed when the transponder is collected after signing on, test results will be viewable on a screen at the end of the test, live timing results will also be available (web address to be confirmed).

Live timing can be found here -

https://to be confirmed

At the end of the test you will follow the course markings which will bring you to the Pits/Fuel service and work area to have completed a full lap of the course.

Service area

The service area will be classed as the start and end of one full lap of the course, this will be marked with blue tape, this area is where you can fuel and repair your bike or just have a rest, please only have one helper per rider and the following will be strictly marshalled.

  • Fuel must be in a container designed for the storage or carriage of fuel.
  • No dogs in service area
  • No Children in service area
  • No smoking in service area
  • Riders to ride at walking pace only, this will result in immediate exclusion and the rider will be removed form the event at the next opportunity.


A rider will be deemed to have completed the event when the required number of laps in the class entered have been completed, one full lap includes the completion of the outlying course and of the special test.

The winners of each class will be the riders who has completed the required number of laps and has the lowest combined cumulative test time.


Class results will be available when you hand in your transponder, club branded merchandise will be given to the top three riders in each class

1st place = M17 Mug, M17 Neck tube,M17 cap and M17 umbrella

2nd Place M17 Necktube and M17 Mug.

3rd place M17 Mug


Camping is available on Saturday night only, please be aware that the paddock is on a stunning hilltop location, unfortunately it can get very windy and there is very little shelter for tents, we recommend that awnings are not used unless weighted and fixed to the ground.

We cannot take any responsibility for any damage to vehicles or property.

Please take home all your rubbish, do not leave it scattered around the fields

Local Details


Stepping hill hospital 7.4 mile away, Poplar Grove, Hazel Grove, Stockport SK2 7JE

Macclesfield hospital, 9.8 miles away , Victoria Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 3BL.


Frankies wine bar & Lodge, 2.5 mile away, 7-9 Buxton Old Rd, Disley, Cheshire, Stockport SK12 2BB, 01663-765844

Travel lodge Adlington, SK10 4NG, 8 miles away.

Premier inn Macclesfield North/Tytherington SK10 2XA 10 mile away.