Information to help your day go smoothly, please read. Click the read button now!

The venue is Parkwood 4x4, more commonly known as Tong. Postcode is BD4 0RR. There will be day-glo orange arrows at the entrance.

There will be catering and toilets at the venue. We will have numbers for sale but it'd be easier if you got them before Sunday.

Signing on will be in the green site cabin at the parking area and will open about 8:30.

The event starts at 10:30 and will be group starts by class. 1.5 hr duration.  Open practice from 1pm onwards.

We will be giving the bikes a quick check over. Wobbly wheel bearings, sticking throttles and other common faults you can't be arsed to fix NEED to be fixed. We will turn you away as it's the safety of all competitors we're concerned with.

After the morning event there will be a lunchbreak for all riders, including the marshals.

We recommend you bring a few tools and basic spares like levers and pads because you never know. And enough fuel for the day.

A final rider number list will be posted tomorrow night all being well.

That's pretty much it, see you Sunday!

Geraint, Clerk of the Course.