please click read more below for the entry list

Day entries are available for those who were unable to navigate the sport 80 entry system, entry fee is £55 including a day licence, please bring cash with you as we cannot process card payments.

information on what to expect at this event can be found in the news articles or via the M17 enduro facebook page.

start time is 10:30am on Sunday and we look forward to seeing you there

Number Rider Name Class
1 Jason Bates Sportsman
2 Simon Cardis Sportsman
3 Robert humphries Sportsman
4 Mick Bretherton Sportsman
5 John Baines Sportsman
6 Leigh Nicklin Sportsman
7 Jordan Kershaw Sportsman
8 Alan Oliver Sportsman
9 Ashley King Sportsman
10 Dean Hancox Sportsman
11 William Oliver Sportsman
12 Nathan Preston Sportsman
13 Adam Merritt Sportsman
14 Alfie Howarth Sportsman
15 Scott Fisher Sportsman
16 Liam Guiry Sportsman
17 Shane Percival Sportsman
18 Craig Siddall Sportsman
19 Connor Jackson Sportsman
100 Luke Fisk Novice
101 Andrew Spence Novice
102 Gareth Carr Novice
103 Ben Clarke Novice
104 David Powley Novice
105 Mark Clayton Novice
106 John Powley Novice
107 Christopher Hayhurst Novice
108 Iain Walker Novice
109 Kyle Henderson Novice
110 Simon Gordon Novice
111 richard provines Novice
112 Liam Gartland Novice
113 David Lawton Novice
114 Thomas Wilson Novice
115 Josh Furniss Novice
116 Adrian Emmingham Novice
117 Carl Horner Novice
118 Dan Kendrew Novice
119 Paul Smickersgill Novice
120 luke mellies Novice
121 andy shields Novice
122 Ken Topham Novice
123 Bradley Steel Novice
124 Paul Taylor Novice
125 Paul Taylor Novice
126 alan gordon Novice
127 Alister   Reeve  Novice
128 Robert Greaves Novice
129 Wayne Bingham Novice
130 Chris Beech Novice
131 Luke Fisher Novice
132 Alfie Robertson Novice
133 Dennis Field Novice
134 Declon Field Novice
135 Daniel Pickering Novice