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Full Final instructions will be communicated by Friday 19th 5pm

The event start time is 10:30 am with a duration of 2 hours, the course will then be closed for a short period before being reopened for the open practice session, the practice session will run until 3pm

for any new rider to an event, please see previous website articles on this website about what to expect at a Manchester 17 Rookie event

the Manchester 17 Enduro team look forward to seeing you all on Sunday

Please look out for our other events for this year

     17th & 18th June, 2 day open enduro/MX practice weekend, £45 per day at CW4 7ET

     July 9th , Greenhall farm, a big lap open practice session at a stunning venue, Only £45 at SY22 5LG

     6th August, Brinks big lap with a sprint Enduro, SK12 2AW

     Sept 1st Open practice session, CW4 7ET

     Oct 15th Tong Rookie 2


Tong Rookie 21st May 2023 entry 
Number Class name
1 Sportsman Yan Salem
2 Sportsman Robert humphries
3 Sportsman Macauley  QUINNEY 
4 Sportsman Mark Clayton
5 Sportsman Christopher Kent
6 Sportsman Richard Kirkland
7 Sportsman Jack Kemp
8 Sportsman Richard Griffin
9 Sportsman Alfie Howarth
10 Sportsman Callum Scott
11 Sportsman Reece Mccracken
12 Sportsman Ryan Watson
13 Sportsman Steve Kemp
14 Sportsman John Malone
15 Sportsman Lewis Bleakley
16 Sportsman Richard Wood
17 Sportsman Daniel Woolton
18 Sportsman Mark Grange
19 Sportsman Jack Grange
20 Sportsman Brandon Saphire
21 Sportsman Mark Walker
22 Sportsman Mathew Fox
40 Ladies Brooke Singleton
41 Ladies poppy clayton
51 Novice Ben Jones
52 Novice Dany Rimmton
53 Novice Jordan Pine
54 Novice martin Hitchen
55 Novice Jack Wilson
56 Novice William Oliver
57 Novice Tom Duxduy
58 Novice Danny Vallentine
59 Novice Martin Huitson
60 Novice Dennis Field
61 Novice Declan Field
62 Novice Thomas Birch
63 Novice Jamie Sykes
64 Novice Ben Clarke
65 Novice Fraser Rhodes
66 Novice Sam Whitfield
67 Novice Liam Seeley
68 Novice Richard Wood
69 Novice Jack Hampton
70 Novice Nathan Kelsey
245 Novice Michael Page
72 Novice Leigh Manso
73 Novice Mathew Singleton
74 Novice Andrew Burchall
75 Novice Neil Trevor
76 Novice Rick Wilkinson
77 Novice Marcus Bolton
78 Novice Anthony Farrow
79 Novice jack bell
80 Novice Todd Holt
81 Novice Nathan Jones
82 Novice Liam Gartland
83 Novice Steven Walker
84 Novice Simon Miller