Greenhall Farm Rookie Enduro

Final Instructions

1st August 2021


The postcode for this event is SY22 5LG, look out for orange arrows posted on the B4393 just prior to the junction with the junction of the A490.

Access to the paddock is available from the A490 but requires difficult manoeuvring to get into the parking field.


N.B As this is a small entry level event and we are unable to procure any caterers who are willing to offer their service for the event, please ensure that you bring enough food and water to see you through the day.

We really do apologise for this and the club will look to see what we can do for future events to ensure that riders can obtain breakfast and hot drinks.


There is a SPAR and fuel station in the centre of Llansantffraid, this will be last opportunity to purchase supplies before the venue


Scrutineering and signing on will commence from approx 9am. Riders must sign on first then present their bikes and helmets, helmets must have a ACU gold sticker on them.

You will be given a orange wristband with your riding number on, this must be worn when presenting your bike at scrutineering and onto the start line.


Please ensure that your rider number is clear on all three sides of the bike, we cannot be held responsible for timing errors if numbers are not clear.


Please note: We will be checking for ball-ends on levers, folding footpegs, working brakes, wheel bearings and non sticking throttles. We do turn people away for these things on health and safety grounds so get them fixed before arriving!

Exhausts must comply to current ACU standards. Excessively noisy bikes WILL be removed from the course.

The race start time will be 10:30am and the event will last for 1 hour 15 minutes, the course will then be closed for a short period.

When the course is reopened the open practice session will begin and will continue until 3pm


To get to the start area you will need to ride through the farm yard from the paddock, please show extreme consideration when riding through the farmyard, ride slowly and quietly as there are very young animals in the buildings.

The farm has kindly allowed us to use this land so please respect this.


Tear offs are NOT permitted at this venue. The land is used for grazing and this is the only way to prevent livestock from eating them. Roll off systems are permitted,  be we will checking on the start line and removing them before the start.


Littering by competitors or by anyone at the event will NOT be tolerated.

Due to previous issues we will be taking a zero tolerance stance on this, i.e. leaving used nappies and other human waste. If seen you will be asked to leave the event, all rubbish has to be collected by us after the event and we have better things to do than tidy up discarded rubbish.

Please take all your rubbish home with you.


Everyone involved in running the event is a volunteer and no-one gets paid, physical or verbal abuse to marshals or club officials will result in immediate exclusion, no excuses!!!


Pit/refueling area will be clearly marked with blue tape, walking speed only in any blue taped areas.

No Children or animals are allowed within the blue tape/refuelling area.

Refuelling will only be done in the pit/refuelling area with one helper person per rider.

Engines must be turned off when refuelling.

Refuelling on the course will result in exclusion.

Bring enough fuel and try not to run out on the course.  


Porta-loos will be sited near the start finish/ Paddock area.


Children must be with an adult at all times.


Results should be available after the event and will be on the club website ASAP.


We have set this event up as a fun event to encourage riders into the racing lifestyle, Manchester 17 Mcc are fully committed to ensuring the continuity of off road motorcycling in the UK, we usually lose money on the Rookie events and you can show your support for what we do by joining our club, annual membership is only £5 via the ACU website and we will really appreciate your support.


We look forward to seeing you at out next event


The Brinks Enduro 29th August 2021 At Disley, Stockport, Cheshire.