Some basic information and what you need to do when you get to the Manchester 17 mcc “dead easy” Enduro event


All of the club officials, organising team and marshals are volunteers, Manchester 17mcc is a motorcycle club run by volunteers for the benefit of its membership and the sport, we are not a business organisation, any profits made by the club are used for the purpose of running the club and ensuring that we provide high quality events for the future.

  1. Get Signed on 

Park where you wish park in the Paddock or where directed to, ensure that you do not block any pathways or exits that made be needed for emergency services or access.

When you have safely parked up, go straight to the signing on area, this may be a under a gazebo, a van awning or indeed from the back of van.

When you have signed on you will receive a wristband or hand stamp to show that you have signed on, you will need this band or stamp to show the scrutineers to get your bike through scrutineering and onto the start line.


When you sign on, you are signing your name to show that you have read and understand the regulations issued in accordance with the event and that you will abide with the rules of the event as stipulated by the ACU.


  1. Unload your bike and get ready for the event, the following steps can be done in any order you wish as long as you and the bike are on the start line ready for the race start and the order will depend on personal preference or your pre race routine. 


  1. Put your bike on the start line 

You can put your bike on the start line any time after you have signed on, you need to take your bike and helmet which must have a valid ACU approved helmet sticker (picture left)to the scrutineering area,which will more than likely be near to the start line.


The scrutineer’s will check basic bike functions only, which are that the brakes work, control levers have no snapped ends and that wheel and head bearings are in good order, however if a bike is found to have an obvious fault, the fault will need to be rectified before your bike will be allowed on the start line or practice track.


When you have passed scrutineering place your bike where you wish on the start line in the class of which you have entered, facing the direction the race will set off in, it is usual to have marker tape across the track to show the start line for the each class and a sign to show which class is to line up behind it.


  1. Sort your pit out

Place spare fuel if needed and any tools, spares, food, drink or spare kit into the “pits” area, this area will be adjoining the race course near to the paddock, it will be marked out with blue marker tape.

Place your items to the side or in the middle of the Pit area so that bikes can freely get in or out without running over your kit or knocking over your fuel. 

In the race there will be a pit entrance off the race course and an exit back onto the course, these are very rarely at the same point and should be clearly signed, please ensure that during the race you use the correct entrance or exit to avoid a bike collision.

You can only ride at walking pace in the pits or any part of the course that is marked with blue tape, you will be at least shouted at or potentially be removed from the race if you repeatedly ignore this rule.

Items left in the pits are the riders responsibility, the club cannot take any responsibility for any stolen or damaged items.

Please remember the pits are not a social gathering area, Children or Dogs are forbidden from the pits and they will be asked to stand on the other side of any barrier.


  1. Get ready for the race start

Meet all your personal needs, ensure that you hydrate properly and have eaten something, everybody is different and only you will know what you need to do. Ensure you go to the toilet early, there will be queue prior to the race start, or just chill out to prepare for the race.

Ensure you have all your race Kit on, boots, gloves, helmet, goggles etc and go to your bike on the start line, aim to be on the start line 10 minutes prior to the race start time, do not start your bike until you are told you can do so.


  1. Race start (Hare &Hounds event)

There will be a race briefing held immediately prior to the race start when you are on the start line, please try to listen to what is being said as there may be important information that we need to tell you, a dangerous obstacle on the course or maybe what to do in an emergency, or just to say welcome and have a great day!


You will then be told to “warm up your engines” this will be a period of approximately 1 minute to get some heat into your engine prior to the race start.

You will then be asked to stop your engines, most hare and hound style events have a dead engine start, the race will not begin until everyone has switched off their engines.

You will be then be started by the class or row that you are in and there will be a 1 minute gap before the next row of riders is set off, this is to separate riders along the course.

The barrier tape in front of you will be removed and the start signal will be a hooter or by a wave of a flag, as soon as the flag drops/hooter sounds you can start your engine and set off, from this point onwards you are now in the timed event.

If you are in a group behind the first group to start you must not start your engine when the first group is set off, wait for the barrier tape to be removed from in front of you and the starter marshal will move to your line to set you off in the race, again when the flag drops it will be your turn to start your engine and enter the race.

This procedure will be followed until all the groups have set off.


  1. Race lap timing

For this event we will be using manual lap scoring, you will enter a blue taped off or barrier section at the end of the lap. You must slow down to a walking pace to allow a person to take note of your race number, do not overtake any other rider in this area.

If it is muddy there will be someone there to wipe clean your number so your number can be noted, please help us by riding slowly and coming to a stop as if you rush through your number may be missed and you may become a lap down on your result.

When the race ends you will travel through lap scoring 1 last time and then led from the course to the paddock.


  1. Race ending

The race will end when the allotted racing time has expired, the timer is started from when the first riders are set off.

You will know when the time is up as the course after the lap scoring point will be closed and you will be led off the course, there may be a clock at lap scoring to show how much time has passed during the race.

N.B the pits may be before or after lap scoring, if the pits are before lap scoring you can wait in the pits until the end of the race and then go through lap scoring to get your finish.

If the pits are after the lap scoring point and you wait for the end of the race or the time is up, you must complete another full lap and go through lap scoring to finish the race, if you do not go through lap scoring you will be classed as a non finisher.


  1. Enjoy your day and look for other events to take part in.