A Massive thank you from all of us at Manchester 17 Mcc for entering our Tong Rookie event, unfortunately we had to stop the event for safety reason and we hope the injured rider makes a speedy recovery, we also unfortunately had technical difficulties with the timing system and we had to revert to manual timing.

Thankfully the free practice carried on as planned with the harder routes and the feedback from riders has been fantastic.

Please note that we use a count down clock so the lap time shown is the amount of minutes counted down from the start of the event, we record every rider as they pass through lap scoring  so we can see the position of every rider even if passed through on the same minute.

We hope you really enjoyed the format of this event and we hope to see you at our 2nd Rookie event at Greenhall farm (Llansylin) on July 3rd which is a very open piece of land, if you would like something a bit more challenging and would like to ride with some of the best riders in the uk then please look out for our Brinks event on August 7th

A massive thank you to the Hoare family for the use of the fantastic venue, event fire and medical for the medical support and for the many Manchester 17 Mcc club members, family and friends who make these events possible.

i look forward to welcoming you back soon

Rob Mcleod

Manchester 17 Mcc Enduro secretary

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Manchester 17 Mcc are really looking forward to welcoming you to our first event of the year at the always fantastic Tong Venue, Please click read more for the rider list

The event starts at 10:30am, please ensure you get there in plenty of time, please see the event guide if you wish for detailed instructions (previous article on the website).

Riders please make sure your helmets have a ACU sticker on it, we cannot allow you to ride if the sticker is not in place on your helmet, helmets are not allowed to have a go pro mount on them.

If you need any help or advice please ask, we are here to help you and to help you enjoy your day to hopefully get you interested in riding in more competitive events.

Please stay around for the practice session, you may be very tired after the adrenaline rush of the event but you will recover quickly after the race, have some lunch and take on plenty of fluids and you can then hone your skills on the optional harder routes around the course.

if you require help.......

Orange M17 vest wearers  - club officials only or senior marshals these people ensure the smooth and safe running of the event, these officials report to the clerk of the course and ensure all legal obligations are met.

we wish to be as helpful as possible however we can be very busy in the run up to the start of the event so please be patient with us with any questions

Yellow vest wearers - Marshalls carry out the instructions of the clerk of the course, Marshalls ensure the event runs safely and they are there to ensure the safety of everybody, ensure you comply with any instruction from a marshal.

Any abuse of any Official or marshal will result in immediate exclusion from the event and exclusion from any results, Manchester 17 Mcc is a club ran by volunteers for the benefit of its members, no person receives any payment from the running of this event.

N.B Marshalls are instructed not to man handle Bikes unless there is a danger to life, a risk of injury or potential for further harm to persons.

You will need to put numbers on all three sides of your bike, we will not take responsibility for miss scoring where numbers have not been correctly applied, when you pass through lap scoring please stop so we can wipe your number board and record your lap.


We will be allowing late entries at a surcharge of £5, please come to signing on and fill out an entry form


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provisional results from the brinks Enduro 2021 by class, i event update will follow in the next few days

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Please find below the entry list for the Brinks Enduro 2021, a massive thank you to everybody who has supported this event.

please remember the start time this year will be 10am and final instructions are to follow

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